Thursday, 28 May 2015

Literary Places Guide: Poetry of Staffordshire

My friends and I went to Brindley Village in Cannock Chase for inspiration in writing poems to be submitted to the upcoming Offa's Press' anthology, Poetry of Staffordshire. Staffordshire is a landlocked country in England.

It was a very interesting  and inspiring walk. I found out from my friend, Cherry, that the woods was once a village. And I guess that's the charm it gives to the woods.

It was so amazing how a civilisation can be consumed by nature over time. Indeed, nature still rules in the end.

Only a stone? Well, it is the only remnants of the entrance to the Great War Hospital.
Yep, there used to be a hospital in the woods!

We couldn't really see them but we here distant cuckoo callings

A memorial of a beloved dog. A lot more all around.

Our precious dogs!

My friends Cherry & Kuli.
Cherry's dog, Bonnie (the black & white one) and my dog Tia (the black one at the background)

Field of heather. Not quite purple yet.

Me & Tia on the viewing dock

The three muskeeters! <3


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