╰☆╮Publication & Awards╰☆╮


  • Platinum Award for 'Way Back Home' (Creative Futures Literary Award 2017)
  • Commendation for 'The Making of a Smuggler' (Battered Moons Poetry Competition 2017)
  • Recipient of Artists' International Development Fund Round 16 for Way Back Home: Artist Development and Collaboration in the Philippines
  • Recipient of Jerwood/Arvon Mentorship 2017/2018
  • Recipient of Dynamo Mentoring Scheme (Nine Arches Press) 2016
  • Inventing Brother in Batangas Port (Commended) Creative Future Literary Awards 2016
  • Writing West Midlands Room 204 (2015/16)
  • Recipient of Grants for the Arts (Arts Council England) for Blakenhall Writers Anthology project (2015/16)
  • Morning Run and Paper Plane (prize-winning poems) The Yellow Book (Rethink your mind, 2015)
  • For Ted (Highly Commended) Carers UK Creative Writing Competition 2015 

  • Way Back Home - Creative Futures Literary Awards (forthcoming)
  • The Making of a Smuggler - Battered Moons Poetry Competition
  • Rice & Rain - debut poetry pamphlet from V. Press


Previous publications:

  • Silent Thoughts (flash fiction) - Microfiction Monday (February, 2016)
  • Chasing Deimos (a novel) - shortlisted for The Asian Writer 'Chick-Lit Competition' (August, 2014)
  • Before Moving On (short story) - Blakenhall Words (2013)
  • Little Adventures (short story) - Blakenhall Words (2013)
  • The one who got the worst (play) Blakenhall Words (2013)


  1. Poignant ... with a positive ending, life returns albeit in a different form ...

    1. thank you. much appreciated. Romalyn Ante xx


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