Sunday, 14 June 2015

Review: Ponds Perfect Care Lemon Cold Cream Deep Cleanser

So I've been using this cream cleanser for a couple of months now.

I actually got it whilst I was travelling in Thailand for a mere £3.00. It is a 'deep cleanser' and most people use this as a make up remover which, I must say, works really well. However, I use it as a cleanser AFTER I wash my face.

I just use a dab of this cream and massage it onto my face and neck. Then I wipe it off with some water-damp cotton to prevent it from clogging pores (the instructions actually state to wash your face off or wipe it with a cotton).

And as you can see, all the remaining dirt that my normal facial wash couldn't remove was actually swept away with the use of this excellent cleanser.

What do I love more about this cream?
  • Texture - unlike other products which leave you feeling oily/greasy, this cream has a very soft texture to it and it actually leaves my face supple, almost velvety to touch
  • Cleanser PLUS Moisturiser - After using this cream, I no longer feel the need to moisturise my face as this product also acts as a moisturiser. It's 2 in 1. And I must say, it is a very effective moisturiser! I normally sleep with my heater on and that causes me to dry up overnight but this product protects my skin from that. (Also it actually saves me from buying a moisturiser, how practical!)
  • Mildly scented - I love it's lemony scent which leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.
Any Cons?
I would say that for some people, because of the lemony scent, the cream might be a little irritable to the eyes. That's only a guess as this product really suits me and I've got no problem with it whatsoever. I can't really fault it!

For those who don't live in Thailand, you can get this through Amazon. The only issue is you would have to pay double or more than it's retail prize in it's 'native home'.

I would definitely recommend this product. And yes, I will be getting one again! :-)

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