Hello, my name is Romalyn Ante. I was born during Lipa City's 'fiesta'. So technically when I was born, the whole town was celebrating! At sixteen I migrated to England. I reside somewhere in the West Midlands, far from the glamour of London nor the beauty of an English countryside.
I help to run the Blakenhall Writers. Like many other authors, I have always loved writing but never took it seriously until 2 and half years ago. I just finished writing my first novel, Chasing Deimos, which has been short-listed for The Asian Writer Chick-Lit Novel Competition. Now, I  keep the manuscript in the drawer; perhaps one day I will have the determination to edit and submit it to some agents.
For now, I enjoy writing poetry and I am thankful for every publication and performance I get. I have a dog whom I love so much, Tia Maria, she is half rottweiler, half rhodesian ridgeback. I also love my partner in life, my angel, Suriya. 

Things I 
food, food, food, food! (Thai food especially!)
health & skin care

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