Monday, 25 May 2015

Changes! and a New Blog to launch soon :)

Oh how we cringe upon hearing changes! Whether it be good or bad, there's always be a smidge of anxiety with it.

I just want to announce the future changes in my blog - Since I want to concentrate on using this blog for pure poetry and anything literature-related topics, I will be taking down the Other (hearts) section of this blog and replacing it with Literary Travels (or guide to places related to literature/poetry). How exciting!!!

But don't cringe if you will miss the random topics I normally post because I will be launching a new blog about my Other Hearts.

Basically, it will be an exciting blog about how the things I heart leads me towards Happiness :-) I will be notifying you guys as soon as the blog is ready.

For the mean time, enjoy looking at my Other <3 section of this blog while it's still here.

Good day,


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