Saturday, 6 December 2014

Presenting Poetry: The Last Christmas Carol

I'd like to give my avid readers and followers an early Christmas present, so I have decided that each month, I will share a poem written by me, whether it is published or not. And I will call this section in my blog, "Presenting Poetry".
 So for the month of December, I'd like to share with you my poem, The Last Christmas Carol, which was published by Ink, Sweat, & Tears last year.
 Please enjoy and I hope that this simple poem brings you joy this holiday season!
The last Christmas carol
She sits on the cold asphalt -
In the middle of a square,
Strumming a wooden guitar
That will brittle soon.
Velvet poles are dazed,
A copper centaur listens
And the glimmer of distant houses
Are her thousand spotlights.
Perhaps this would be the last year
She’ll breathe the icy air
Or see the stars melt
Across the silky sky.
Life is the tiny candle
Flaring beneath her face
But tonight her music will reach -
The edges of the winter moon.
© Romalyn Ante, 2014

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