Friday, 19 December 2014

Editing Poetry

Guess what. I am sick again. With chest infection and asthma. Can't go out, can't do anything, can't do my Christmas shopping. I'm just at home, trying to drink plenty of fluids, lemon juice, and take my medications.
Poetry is what entertains me during times like this. So, I am editing my first draft of my poem, 'How to make sushi'
I am not expert in editing a poem. But below is what I have learnt so far:
1.)Words - every word in the poem must earn their spot. If there are words or lines that seem or sound staggering to you, then chance is, it will be staggering to your readers too.
2.)Form - Rhythm, structure, free verse or how the poem appears on the page - they all matter. Is there a near rhyme of a full rhyme? Assonance or alliteration? How the poem is read and how it is presented must be justified.
3.) Are any of my lines memorable or they are just a bunch of rumbling cliché? - It is very important for me to create vivid and memorable images. That is my soul as a writer. We all need to find our 'soul'.
4.) What is the topic of this poem? Can I summarize it? Does the ending suffice and make an impact?
5.) Take a break if you're really stuck. :-) Going back to it after a while may bring new ideas or a new way of looking at things.
6.) Enjoy the process - nothing is worth stressing really. I am still learning this now.

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