Monday, 20 October 2014

Llanymynech Rocks - Oswestry England

 Last week I travelled with two of my friends to Oswestry Shropshire for Offa's Press' full day writing workshop. The workshop's theme was 'work' and Simon Fletcher, owner and editor of OP, together with Marion Cockin, led the workshop.
I really enjoyed our road trip from West Midlands to Oswestry. Because of a road work, we had to detour and go to Wales for a while in order to get to Oswestry. One minute we were in England, the next we were in Wales! It felt surreal seeing that "Welcome to England" sign, and not even noticing that we have left the country at all!
In the morning, we did some writing workshop about previous/current works we have done. Then we went out for a walk by midday and visited the Llanymynech Rocks. We perched on the limestone rocks, had our lunch with a flock of ba-ba-black sheep before walking back to the main workshop hall where we did more writing.
Yes, keep smiling.
The trek
Magnificent view 
For the first time I saw alpacas in person!

Munching on my boiled eggs for lunch. lol 
Picnic with my friends and poets Kuli Kohli and Cherry Doyle

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