Friday, 3 October 2014

How clean is your skin?

Okay so today I want to do a review of a facial product I have been using. Just for a change. I am reviewing this ever-so good DHC Deep cleansing oil. It claims to 'completely dissolve all dirt and cosmetics' on your face. All you need to do is rub a few drops on your face then rinse thoroughly. It can be bought at DHC website for a quite pricey £21.50. Actually and honestly, it is much more expensive than your ordinary make-up remover. But does it work?

So after I smothered it all over my face and rinsed with warm water, I use this cleansing water from Nivea to check if there's any more dirt left...
And voila! Not bad (well, the lighting is bad and does not do this picture justice) You could still see specks of dust/remnant of dirt. But hey, yes. It is completely worth buying! My skin feels smoother too and you could notice a little bit of radiance upon rinsing. Also, my face feels so clean and light.
Will I buy this product again? Yes and No. Yes  if I can't be bothered to try other products. No for the price. Perhaps when I'm not too busy I will actually look for and test other products if they can do the job this oil does.  But for now, I will use this. Easy to buy (via their website) and DHC often sends their customers freebies and samples. Love it. 

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