Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bright Morning

I am currently lovin' this poetry collection by the well-respected West Midland poet, Jane Seabourne!
This poetry book is called "Bright Morning" and it is her debut collection. It is published by Offa's Press in 2012.

What they say: "Jane Seabourne’s d├ębut collection will be a delight for anyone who enjoys well-crafted and witty contemporary poetry. There are oddities here and there are illuminations. Some of these poems are so beautiful they make you want to steal them."
That is SOOOO true! The poems in this collection is peppered with beautiful images and precious insight to extraordinary moments of our life. I have just read about 20 poems so far as I got it just two days ago and I've had a busy couple of days; but I can assure you - it is so beautiful you wish you are the one who has written it! 
I particularly love the poem "What Love is Like" in this collection.
and we're half-lost in a wood
of mountain ash and elm...
"the air is so alive, it breathes itself."
And here we are, ankle deep in
orchids and enchanter's nightshade
and I swear that when I looked
I saw you smiling.

Some people will probably say a book is so beautiful that they can't put it down, but this one is  special. It's so beautiful you want to schedule a time in a day to do nothing but read it! It is the kind of book I want to read at night, before bed, when all the chaos of work has silenced and the world seems to stand still to read with you. And then the next day, when you face another 'bright morning', you will feel fresh with the thoughts of this book. A must read!

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