Thursday, 14 August 2014

Using visual arts on creative writing

Ekphrasis : The word comes from the Greek ek (out) and phrasis (speak).
Nowadays ekphrasis is used by many poets/writers. They derive ideas or get inspiration from any visual work of art (i.e. painting, sculpture,) to  compose creative pieces, most usually, poetry.

I help to run the Blakenhall Writers Group and last Saturday we went to Wolvehrampton Art Gallery to write some poems about or inspired from the artworks exhibited there. The two paintings below were the ones that caught my attention. 

Writing responses has been a new experience for me and I hope those two poems I'd written would get to be published in the near future. Well, our group member, Cherry Doyle, has a brilliant idea of collecting a new anthology of Blakenhall that shows our written responses to our chosen art from Wolverhampton Gallery. That would be very beneficial for the group and I can't wait to work with them on materializing such an exciting project!

To learn more about ekphrasis and read some poems inspired by art, click here

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