Thursday, 28 August 2014

My first (unpublished) novel, Chasing Deimos, has been short-listed!

Yes! The first draft of my first novel, Chasing Deimos, has been shortlisted for The Asian Writer Chick-Lit Competition, among seven other novels. It did not win, but I am still glad! It just goes to show that my first ever novel has a potential! I am out of this world at the moment! :-)
The judges have also sent a brief feedback on my novel. One of the good things they said is this:

"Love the concept and how it is really international. I feel there will be a lot of soul searching and every girl that has felt lost in their life will be able to relate to it. Above all you can feel the love. Written very eloquently."

I would not post all the comments as they are for me to keep and most of them just state what can be improved. I am really happy with this. It gives me a boost of confidence! You never know what I might be doing next ;-)

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