Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Cherry Trees of Wyre

I am currently reading this lovely poetry book called ' The Cherry Trees of Wyre' written by Simon Fletcher and illustrated by Ian Emberson. Wyre is a district in Lancanshire England named after River Wyre. 

I never studied Creative Writing or such course and I do not really know how to 'technically' review or study poems but I must say, there are a lot of nice images, words, and honesty in this collection. And I believe 'honesty' is very important in poetry. Most people I know, including myself, can tell if a poem evokes honesty or just a total make-up crap. The former, I must say, is the one which everyone prefers. 

Anyway, this is a 35 page book of poems , all of them are very personal to the poet, I would say, even though a lot of them have references to nature or natural surroundings. I am very bad at writing a 'nature' poem. I think I only had one published as I haven't been attempting to write about it. On the other hand, I am very lucky to have known this very good poet and learn more about his poetry. You can learn more about Simon Fletcher here. 

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