Monday, 16 June 2014

Football and all that

Having spent some of my teenage years in the Philippines, I can say that the main team sport I like is basketball. But since I've been living in the UK for almost a decade, I have learnt the English life-style and come to love football (with all my heart). I a beginning to learn the ins and outs of football. FIFA WORLD CUP is on, and who wouldn't spend an afternoon chilling in the pub with a larger in their hand and just watch a football match?

I support England because I live in England and it was such a shame they lost to Italy at 1-2 last Sunday. But what worse than that was Spain losing to Holland at 1-5! My heart shattered as I cringed in the couch when the game finished. Anyway, I remain a solid fan of Spain's most agile footballer, David Silva. He's just the best no matter what!
I can't wait to watch their game against Chile on Wednesday! :-)

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