Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year! Taking all the eyebags away!

After all the late night parties, friends and family gatherings, it's very easy to overlook about our blood-shot, eye-bagged eyes.
On Boxing day (26th of Dec) when almost everything at the shops are >50% off, I got this eye roll for only £2! :-o So I tried it.
It's called Boots Botanics and it promises to target 'the appearance of dark circles and puffiness' around the eyes, for all skin types.
What do I love about it?
* it's cheap
*it feels so soothing to the eyes. (Probably because of the cool metal ball on the tip of the tube.
* the clear gel (note on th ebox: colour may vary due to natural ingredients) feels 'refreshing' in the skin, it's very mild and doesn't hurt my sensitive skin at all.
*The area around my eyes feel so refresh I love to use it whenever I feel sleepy/can't be bothered to get back that ebbulient glow in my eyes (could be psychological), but yeah, I feel refreshed and awakened! Which what we need in 2017 :-)
*Leaves the skin around my eyes feeling moisturised.
*There's no smell/fragrance to it.
Cons (although I wouldn't really like to call them 'cons')
*it leaves a shiny mark when it dries (like a slug mark? although apparently slug slime is good to your skin and is actually being used in some skin care products! lol.)
*I wouldn't really say it reduces the dark areas around my eyes, but I do feel a lot refreshed and awakens.
For 2 quid, you can't expect to be Sleeping Beauty beautiful, right? But at least I'm feeling more awakened!

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