Sunday, 22 January 2017

My debut poetry pamphlet is going to be published!

Hi everyone...

I am so glad that my debut poetry pamphlet will be published by the reputable V. Press!

I cannot say the title of my pamphlet or the date of publication yet, but please keep an eye on this blog in the following months as I will definitely be updating you guys!

Thank you for your support everyone :-)

Monday, 2 January 2017

I'm inviting you to my reading at Wolverhampton Original Literature Festival

I'm going to read my poetry at the first-ever Wolverhampton Literature Festival in January 28 and I want all of you to come, please :-) I promise you won't be disappointed and you will enjoy your time listening to my work :-)

It will be on January 28, from 4:15pm to 6:15pm at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

With me, are fellow poets/writers who will also read their work, and there will be a chance for Q&A at the end of the performance.

Please click HERE for more info

Hope to see you there!

New Year! Taking all the eyebags away!

After all the late night parties, friends and family gatherings, it's very easy to overlook about our blood-shot, eye-bagged eyes.
On Boxing day (26th of Dec) when almost everything at the shops are >50% off, I got this eye roll for only £2! :-o So I tried it.
It's called Boots Botanics and it promises to target 'the appearance of dark circles and puffiness' around the eyes, for all skin types.
What do I love about it?
* it's cheap
*it feels so soothing to the eyes. (Probably because of the cool metal ball on the tip of the tube.
* the clear gel (note on th ebox: colour may vary due to natural ingredients) feels 'refreshing' in the skin, it's very mild and doesn't hurt my sensitive skin at all.
*The area around my eyes feel so refresh I love to use it whenever I feel sleepy/can't be bothered to get back that ebbulient glow in my eyes (could be psychological), but yeah, I feel refreshed and awakened! Which what we need in 2017 :-)
*Leaves the skin around my eyes feeling moisturised.
*There's no smell/fragrance to it.
Cons (although I wouldn't really like to call them 'cons')
*it leaves a shiny mark when it dries (like a slug mark? although apparently slug slime is good to your skin and is actually being used in some skin care products! lol.)
*I wouldn't really say it reduces the dark areas around my eyes, but I do feel a lot refreshed and awakens.
For 2 quid, you can't expect to be Sleeping Beauty beautiful, right? But at least I'm feeling more awakened!

Flying to the Philippines

I was quite anxious flying back to the Philippines for my AIDF programme. It was my first time flying alone and I'm not too keen on plan...