Thursday, 30 June 2016

All these Brexit talks

Well, normally, I am a silent poet. Normally, I keep myself to myself and write stuff about myself and other people/things who/that are close to me.

But since this Brexit phenomenon happened, I cannot just be a silent  poet. I have to say something. Amidst all the arguments between Remainia and Leavea, and all the atrocities of blatant bullying, the most important thing I have learnt is that we gotta stand for what we believe in, especially if what we believe in actually makes sense.

So I wrote a poem about what I learned after this Brexit 'seismic' event/malarkey. In this poem, I understood that I have had a Change of Heart. Read this poem HERE


1 comment:

  1. You've upped the Ante, good solid whack across the noggins of the Great Unwashed, the knuckle-draggers who were willing to risk imperiling generations of their countrymen for the cheap thrill of one moment, one zing of ballot-box bravado & adolescent rebellion that will reap deep consequences for years to come. So no worries, no need to don the mantle of collective guilt woe, the "We" if you were not among those Mouth-Breathers, the numb & wandering throng of the Boris Chorus, to whom you now can aptly say, "Carry On, then Buzz Off. All tickety-boo?"


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