Tuesday, 5 May 2015

beauty: Garnier Sakura White

So I found this day moisturiser whilst I was on my holiday in Thailand. This promises you a 'pinkish radiance'. I don't normally like lightening moisturisers/products on me as I am very proud and keen of my olive/brown skin. However I still bought it cause 1:)it's cheap 2.) tried it out and it actually does the moisturising job 3.) it has a tinge of fresh fragrance with it.

So what I love about this product apart from what I have mentioned above? My skin is normally dry but it could be oily through the day and I love the fact that I can just put this product on without the need to powder my face to dry up the oily bits. It kinda works as a powder-based moisturiser for me.

That's probably why it claims to give you a pinkish glow. The glow that you will get isn't permanent. It gives you, as I said, a pinkish 'powder' effect on your face so you can ditch your actual powder and blush.

I find it so helpful when I'm on the go and can't be bothered to put make up on my face. It leaves me with a smooth, 'pinkish' complexion on my face.

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