Thursday, 22 May 2014

enticing food and poetry

 I do not want to say this, but quite frankly, I love Thai food more than I love my native Filipino food.
I just find Thai cuisine very rich (but not over powering) in flavours and spices. They are never bland; there's always a surprise happening just at the tip of your tongue.
Sometimes my boyfriend's mother, who is from Thailand, will make a type of dish which she calls 'laab' either with pork or beef, and, for sure, I will drool just by looking at it. Laab actually originated from northern Thailand. It is inspired from a mixture of Laos and Thai cuisines. Nowadays they call such cuisines 'Lao-Thai.'
Today I actually attempted cooking this dish with pork and vermicelli noodles. The dish actually tastes nice and it's bursting with enticing flavours. It always has a 'kick' in it!

roasting some peanuts, a very important ingredient in Thai cuisine

preparing the herbs

finish product! Thai laab

want some more!

5 sprigs of coriander
4-5 pieces of green or red bird eye chillies
crushed peanuts
3 pieces of mint leaves
5 spoon of fish sauce
1 lime juice
1 spoon of sugar
mince pork
boiled vermicelli noodles

  • Heat up a pan until very hot. Cook the pork until well done and the fatty juices have evaporated.
  • Set aside to cool the pan of pork down.
  • put  and mix the chillies, fish sauce, coriander, diced mint leaves, sugar, and squeeze some lime juice.
  • mixed the boiled vermicelli noodle well.
  • garnish with crushed peanuts and extra sprigs of coriander
  • enjoy!

Aside from this dish, may I also present you this 'delicious' poem from one of my most favourite modern poets, Li-Young Lee:

Eating Together


In the steamer is the trout   
seasoned with slivers of ginger,
two sprigs of green onion, and sesame oil.   
We shall eat it with rice for lunch,   
brothers, sister, my mother who will   
taste the sweetest meat of the head,   
holding it between her fingers   
deftly, the way my father did   
weeks ago. Then he lay down   
to sleep like a snow-covered road   
winding through pines older than him,   
without any travelers, and lonely for no one.

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