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Gratitude for Greater Happiness

In a world full of modern life challenges it is easy to overlook our blessings and get into the habit of complaining. Being grateful is one of the techniques you can practice to achieve greater happiness in life.

A study of group of psychologists from University of California and University of Miami shows that being grateful makes us happier in life. The 10 week study of 196 people involves one group who are askedto write down things for which they are grateful and another group to write down hassles that happen to them in those weeks ( i.e traffic on the way to work, a colleague who does not appreciate you). The study reports that the ‘gratitude’ group becomes 25% happier than the ‘hassle’ group.
Showing gratitude is an act of kindness to others and even to yourself. By saying ‘Thank you’ we allow ourselves to fully appreciate what life has provided us, either or small. 

It is not only a way of appreciating others but also a way of helping ourselves into more positive mental health thr…

I got a place in Room 204

I am delighted to have been chosen as one of the 17 writers to participate in the writer's development programme, Writing West Midlands Room 204. The participants are chosen based on 'the quality of their work, their need for support, and commitment to writing professionally'.

I will also get a free spot at their annual conference, The Writer's Toolkit. Yayy!!!

I'm very excited and hopefully I will learn a lot from it :)

Recovering Lungs

I have been suffering from recurrent chest infections for the last four months now. I have been trying this meditation that supposedly helps your lungs. Last night I became more aware of my breathing and my blocked nose actually cleared. But my lungs are still recovering, through medications, proper diet, and relaxation techniques like this one.