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Survey: What poem to read for International Women's Week?

Hello everyone. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be performing my poetry at City Voices for International Women's Week.
I've got the list of what I want to read. But I just want your opinion on what kind of poem to read for my 'closing' performance.
So please help me :) See that survey at the top right corner of this blog? Would you kindly pick an answer?

NOTE: If you are using mobile, click 'view desktop version' at the bottom first, then look at the top right and answer the poll

Thank you very much,

Health MUST really come first

I have been very frustrated. I have been ill with chest infection/shortness of breath for the past three months. I'm still under investigation with my gp and respiratory consultant. This is the third time I have been sick from work. It took me 3 months (during my previous 2 episodes of sickness) before I recovered. But now, this time, it's been 3 months and I am still unwell. I can't even go out , meet with friends, or go to the gym because a little bit of cold or physical exertion gives me phlegmy chest and shortness of breath. I feel like a stagnant water. Not moving, not achieving anything. Sometimes I ask myself, 'What can I do?' I had been careful with my health. Never smoke, don't drink, exercising 3 times a week, eating healthy, sleeping properly, and oh, taking A LOT of vitamins. But still, my body gets tired, I experience too much fatigue and infections from work (nursing), from waking up early or staying late at night, and driving in cold and snow. …

Coming Soon

As a recent Offa's Press' mentee, I'll be performing my latest poems at City Voices for International Women's Week! So if you find yourself in Wolverhampton at the time, please come by.

Bath - England's gem

Just want to share my experience in Bath, when my partner and I visited the city some time ago.
The scenery and Roman architecture were magnificent. We also enjoyed bathing in the natural hot waters of Thermae Bath Spa. Definitely going back here!
Photo credit to my lovely partner, Suriya

Our Own Future

I am delighted to take part in Our Own Future and Black Country Writers Project and perform my poetry at their launch on Valentine's Day at Wild Bytes Café.