Wednesday, 17 September 2014


So my lovely partner and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary in the beautiful city of Venice! Yayyy! What I love about this place?
  • Its architectural elegance
  • The maze-like streets
  • Laid-back people
  • The canals and rivers
  • Mask shops
  • Beautiful evenings,
  • The secret, quiet, squares and places
  • And a lot more!!! You just gotta experience Venice for yourself!

Wearing Miss Selfridges Top, Asos skirt, Asos kitten heels, MK jet tote bag

Friday, 5 September 2014

I am in Shamrock Haiku Journal

I have  just started writing haiku a few  months ago and I am very lucky that the the two submissions I have  done so far have both been accepted. A few months ago I had a haiku published in Haiku Journal (Prolific Press) in America and this month I have two haiku published online in Shamrock of the Irish Haiku Society. So it makes me a happy bunny :-)

You can view my haiku on Shamrock's current issue HERE

Flying to the Philippines

I was quite anxious flying back to the Philippines for my AIDF programme. It was my first time flying alone and I'm not too keen on plan...