Thursday, 30 June 2016

All these Brexit talks

Well, normally, I am a silent poet. Normally, I keep myself to myself and write stuff about myself and other people/things who/that are close to me.

But since this Brexit phenomenon happened, I cannot just be a silent  poet. I have to say something. Amidst all the arguments between Remainia and Leavea, and all the atrocities of blatant bullying, the most important thing I have learnt is that we gotta stand for what we believe in, especially if what we believe in actually makes sense.

So I wrote a poem about what I learned after this Brexit 'seismic' event/malarkey. In this poem, I understood that I have had a Change of Heart. Read this poem HERE


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Writing again

It's been a while since I last blogged! I couldn't believe I haven't written any poem for the last two months too. I have been so busy with university works and my career, that those two months seemed to have past so quickly. I mean, I'd always written something at least once a month before this 'hiatus'!

I'm so glad to share the news that I have been invited to submit a poem to an upcoming themed anthology based in Malaysia, so I have been writing again, and of course, my aim is to produce a very good piece of work for this.

I will also be on the next issue of the excellent magazine, Under the Radar (Nine Arches Press) - looking forward to this! UTR has published well respected poets like Angela Readman, Martin Malone, and many more.    Please watch out for their issue 17 in which one of my poems will appear.

 I had also facilitated creative writing workshops for the young people of Wolverhampton at Base 25. I guess I haven't really stopped delivering creative writing workshops at all!

I will be posting more updates about all of these here; I hope you guys are also receiving good and positive news about your writing.  😊 keep being creative!

Flying to the Philippines

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