Thursday, 28 May 2015

Literary Places Guide: Poetry of Staffordshire

My friends and I went to Brindley Village in Cannock Chase for inspiration in writing poems to be submitted to the upcoming Offa's Press' anthology, Poetry of Staffordshire. Staffordshire is a landlocked country in England.

It was a very interesting  and inspiring walk. I found out from my friend, Cherry, that the woods was once a village. And I guess that's the charm it gives to the woods.

It was so amazing how a civilisation can be consumed by nature over time. Indeed, nature still rules in the end.

Only a stone? Well, it is the only remnants of the entrance to the Great War Hospital.
Yep, there used to be a hospital in the woods!

We couldn't really see them but we here distant cuckoo callings

A memorial of a beloved dog. A lot more all around.

Our precious dogs!

My friends Cherry & Kuli.
Cherry's dog, Bonnie (the black & white one) and my dog Tia (the black one at the background)

Field of heather. Not quite purple yet.

Me & Tia on the viewing dock

The three muskeeters! <3


Monday, 25 May 2015

Country Voices - A new literature performance by Offa's Press

I have been invited to perform at Country Voices which is a new performance platform created by the main editor of Offa's Press.

Tomorrow night, May 26, I will perform with poets Jane Seabourne and Bert Flitcroft.

The venue is gonna be at the picturesque Ironbridge, in a very cosy and beautiful café at Green Wood Centre, Station Road, TF8 7DR.

So if you love poetry and want to see us perform our lovely works, please come along. The show starts at 7.30-9pm (Café opens at 6) And tickets for event £4/£2 (under 16s) on the door.

See you there!



Changes! and a New Blog to launch soon :)

Oh how we cringe upon hearing changes! Whether it be good or bad, there's always be a smidge of anxiety with it.

I just want to announce the future changes in my blog - Since I want to concentrate on using this blog for pure poetry and anything literature-related topics, I will be taking down the Other (hearts) section of this blog and replacing it with Literary Travels (or guide to places related to literature/poetry). How exciting!!!

But don't cringe if you will miss the random topics I normally post because I will be launching a new blog about my Other Hearts.

Basically, it will be an exciting blog about how the things I heart leads me towards Happiness :-) I will be notifying you guys as soon as the blog is ready.

For the mean time, enjoy looking at my Other <3 section of this blog while it's still here.

Good day,


Monday, 11 May 2015

Selected to be in The Yellow Book and Tweeted by Stephen Fry

How often can a poem help people with mental disability or at least uplift a person's mood when he is having a bad day?

I am very glad that two of my poems will have the chance to do this. I'm excited to announce that I've officially got 'prize winning' poems at the Rethink Your Mind Poetry Competition! The prize is publication in The Yellow Book which will be distributed throughout the UK and awarded to me (and to other selected entrants) at an upcoming event at the House of Lords. I can't contain my happiness because I will not just get to receive an award at a prestigious place but also my poems will have a chance to put a smile on someone's face!

Find out more HERE

And thank you Stephen Fry for congratulating us!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

beauty: Garnier Sakura White

So I found this day moisturiser whilst I was on my holiday in Thailand. This promises you a 'pinkish radiance'. I don't normally like lightening moisturisers/products on me as I am very proud and keen of my olive/brown skin. However I still bought it cause 1:)it's cheap 2.) tried it out and it actually does the moisturising job 3.) it has a tinge of fresh fragrance with it.

So what I love about this product apart from what I have mentioned above? My skin is normally dry but it could be oily through the day and I love the fact that I can just put this product on without the need to powder my face to dry up the oily bits. It kinda works as a powder-based moisturiser for me.

That's probably why it claims to give you a pinkish glow. The glow that you will get isn't permanent. It gives you, as I said, a pinkish 'powder' effect on your face so you can ditch your actual powder and blush.

I find it so helpful when I'm on the go and can't be bothered to put make up on my face. It leaves me with a smooth, 'pinkish' complexion on my face.

Flying to the Philippines

I was quite anxious flying back to the Philippines for my AIDF programme. It was my first time flying alone and I'm not too keen on plan...